Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International secures a Digital Leaders' License for the South East

June 4, 2015 #DigitalByDesign

We are pleased to announce that Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International (DACSI) has been chosen as a partner for the national Digital Leaders Programme.

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even printing for that matter.”

Douglas Englebart, American Inventor

# DigitalByDesign: Digital Transformation – the importance of synchronisation

Some of our clients and stakeholders tend to focus on the digital five forces, which are the Cloud, IOT, Mobility, AI / Robotics and Social Media, without thinking about how they will affect their overall business strategy, the DNA of the organisation and the subsequent impact on quality outcomes and the end customer experience.

We find that “designing digital” into your business strategy and aligning with your culture and governance process is essential to the delivery of a successful digital transformation. There is also a critical need to identify and develop the right skills to ensure that your newly formed digital technology backbone has been synchronised to support the needs of your business, the new culture and the quality outcomes of your customers.

The Digital Leaders Programme

Digital Alchemist Consulting Solutions International is proud of our association with the Digital Leaders South East programme, which adopts emerging technologies in the world we live and work in. The Digital Leaders programme resonates with our ethos, encourages collaborative innovation and promotes best practices. It focuses on the importance of collaborative thinking, which benefits both society and the economy as a whole.

This opportunity arose for us because of the work that we have undertaken across the globe on Digital Transformations, where we have successful integrated digital technologies with the needs of the business. Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International (DASCI) will cover South East England, where we will hold regular network and salon meetings with representatives of local and central governments, SMEs, private sector and academia.

These meetings will discuss the best ways of integrating digital technology to deliver better outcomes, improve our day-to-day life and the end customer experience. Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International will sponsor events for the Digital Leaders Programme for the next three years.

Digital Leaders is all about sharing and synthesising best practices and expertise that make technologies work. It is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the objective of keeping everybody abreast of the latest developments and innovations in digital technology.

For more information, or if you wish to attend one of our Digital Leaders Salon in the South East, please contact me at

Digital Leaders Programme – The Way Ahead

The Digital Leaders programme is a non-biased, independent and non-lobbying resource network for organisations and individuals in the UK that are committed to offering innovative and sustainable digital transformation.

Digital Leaders does not mandate specific processes or technologies. Rather it synthesises and promotes good practice and expertise about technologies that work. It is based on inputs provided by stakeholders from various backgrounds, disciplines and industrial sectors.

For more information on the Digital Leaders Programme, visit the Digital Leaders website

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